Birth & Death Records

All birth and death records are located at the Belmont County Health Department.

Belmont County Health Department
State Route 331
St. Clairsville, Ohio 43950

Belmont County Health Department Birth and Death Records

Delayed Birth Registration/Birth Certificate Corrections

Should you have questions on either the delayed birth registration or birth certificate corrections, please contact the Probate Court at 740-699-2164

Probate Clerks are not available to honor research requests sent by email, phone, or mail.  Public terminals are available for research work located at the Probate Court, 101 W. Main Street, Saint Clairsville, Ohio between the hours of 8:30 to 4:30, Monday through Friday.  Probate records from 1994 to the present can be located online but images are not available.  There are no exceptions to this policy.