Restitution & Community Service

The Restitution and Community Service program accepts both delinquent and unruly youth who have been ordered to pay restitution and/or perform community service hours. The restitution portion of the program works to hold juveniles accountable who have committed crimes involving property damages or personal injury against victims. The court restitution and community service coordinators work with victims and the Prosecutor’s Office in order to establish a specific dollar amount to be approved by the court for repayment to the victim. The juvenile is then responsible for making payment of this amount to the Court. Once the restitution is paid in full, the victim is repaid and the juvenile is released from the program. The Court makes every attempt possible to collect restitution in full.

The court works with several local agencies, churches, schools, and government entities to maintain work sites for juveniles to perform community service. Worksites are arranged by the Community Service Coordinator. Progress reports are sent to the Community Service Coordinator by the work site staff notifying the Court of compliance or non-compliance. Juveniles referred to this program have performed various community service activities such as clean-ups of city parks including mowing of grass and painting of playground equipment.

For further information about the Restitution program please call (740)695-2121 ext. 1704. For information about the Community Service Program, please call (740)526-6782.