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These Rules are designed and adopted to provide an orderly means of access to the Court and an efficient system for the resolution of disputes within the Court. The purpose of the Rules would be subverted if they are invoked by counsel for mere tactical advantage in a proceeding.

The Rules and their divisions are rules of reason. They shall be applied consistent with constitutional requirements, statutes, other court rules, and decisional law in the context of all relevant circumstances. The Rules are to be construed so as not to impinge on the essential independence of judges in making judicial decisions, or as a substitute for substantive law.

It is not intended that every transgression from the Rules will result in sanctions against a party or counsel. The imposition of a sanction and the degree of such sanction shall be determined through a reasonable and reasoned application of the Rules and should depend upon such factors as the seriousness of the transgression, whether there is a pattern of improper activity and the effect of the transgression on the rights of the parties and the merits of the cause before the Court or the perception of the judicial system by the public.

However, in the event sanctions are deemed appropriate, the Trial Judge, in accordance with the inherent powers of the Court and the enumerated powers contained in the Ohio Revised Code, the Ohio Rules of Civil and Criminal Procedure, the Rules of Juvenile Procedure, and the Rules of Superintendence shall have the power to impose sanctions on attorneys, parties, or both, for failure to comply with these Local Rules. Sanctions may be monetary, non-monetary, or a combination of monetary and non-monetary. No sanction shall be imposed without providing the offending party and/or attorney an opportunity to be heard unless the conduct giving rise to the sanction amounts to a direct contempt.

Pursuant to the authority granted in Article IV, §5 (B) of the Constitution of the State of Ohio and the Rules of Superintendence for the Courts of Ohio, it is Ordered that the following be the Rules of Practice and Procedure in the
Probate and Juvenile Courts of Belmont County, Ohio.



Rule 1 Term of Court

Rule 2 Hours of Court

Rule 3 Removal of Files, Pleadings Or Other Documents, Statistical Reports, Electronic Filings

Rule 4 Broadcasting

Rule 5 Jury Service

Rule 6 Court Security


Rule 7 Technology Plan, Remote Appearances

Rule 8 Juvenile Court Costs

Rule 9 Special Projects

Rule 10 Court Programs

Rule 11 Traffic Procedure

Rule 12 Criminal and Juvenile Discovery

Rule 13 Domestic Relations/Magistrate’s Office


Rule 14 Land Sales

Rule 15 Decedent’s Estates

Rule 16 Wrongful Death

Rule 17 Settlement of Minor’s Claim

Rule 18 Guardianships

Rule 19 Name Change

Rule 20 Trusts

Rule 21 Inventories

Rule 22 Accounting by Fiduciary

Rule 23 Certificate of Giving Notice Of Probate of Will

Rule 24 Probate Court Costs

Rule 25 Counsel Fees

Rule 26 Guardian’s Compensation

Rule 27 Trustee’s Compensation

Rule 28 Index of Deposited Wills

Rule 29 Delinquency Sanctions

Rule 30 Mediation


Rule 31 Attorneys

Rule 32 Conferences, Pretrials

Rule 33 Separation and Exclusion Of Witnesses

Rule 34 Motion